• HelloJUNE

    It’s the 1st of the Month

    It’s been a month since I updated. I pretty much fell off for May. No real excuse but I lacked motivation and ideas on what to write. I know it’s always something but I…

    June 1, 2016
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    Happy May

    I’m back! I took a short birthday break from writing on my blog. It was totally unplanned but since I started my birthday celebrating the weekend before my actual birthday when I got back…

    May 1, 2016
  • earth day pics for whatsapp
    Life News World

    Happy Earth Day!

    For today’s “5 Things Friday” I’m going to change it up in honor of the 46thΒ Earth Day and share 5 things you can do to make everyday Earth Day. Eat less meat. I know…

    April 22, 2016
  • disneyland castle

    Disneyland Forever

    I am a huge Disney fan. I don’t care what people say, Disneyland is my happy place. I can go all the time, even if it just means being in the park and not…

    April 21, 2016