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October 3, 2016

Working out is a chore to me. I’m guilty of starting the week off strong and finding every excuse not to go to the gym because I get bored easily. I’d love a personal trainer but it’s just not in the budget. To help me stay on track I prefer to go to classes.

When I heard about CLASSPASS, some good (here & here) and some bad (here & here), I was intrigued but not sold.  I was hesitant until I saw a last chance offer for a deal for a $19 trial on their base plan, which is 5 classes/month (normally $65/month), I knew I had to try it.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.31.01 PM

What I loved about the offering was I could take classes anywhere in the Bay Area. I work in the Tri-Valley area and we live in the South Bay so I can plan my classes with my commute. The best part is the variety because I’ve pretty much tried it all including Reformer Pilates and a trampoline/TRX workout.

An added bonus is you can use it in over 30 locations across the globe. I highly recommend it. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s my referral link: You’ll get $30 off your first month.

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March 30, 2016

I joined Poshmark last year but I hadn’t really given it a try until I saw this article on Refinery 29: I Made $4,000 On Poshmark — & Then Needed An Intervention. While this article was about the writers obsession it still brought it to my attention that you can make a good amount of money selling stuff that was just sitting in your closet, something I had been putting off out of procrastination and my pack rat tendencies (more of that in a another post…someday).

What I like about Poshmark is that you can do everything from your phone. I used to sell items on eBay but with the popularity and amount of items on the site, I gave up. When I downloaded Poshmark I realize a lot of people use the app, but I was able to sell items a lot quicker than I ever had with anything else (besides maybe Craigslist but there are so many lowballers on there).

After using it now for two months I’m a huge fan of the app, the community and how great and easy it is to use.

Do you use Poshmark? If not, join: and use code JCOQH to get $10 off your first order

and follow me:

FYI: I don’t love my username but after creating it last year and starting my closet I found out you can’t change it once it’s created so I just kept it.