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Goodbye 2016

December 30, 2016

2016 was a roller coaster of a year. So many good things but also a lot of bad. On the personal front, it was a good year for me and my husband. Our family went through some tough times with health issues and some family passing but we pulled through and were able to spend a lot of time with them.

For the US and frankly the World, 2016 felt like a disaster…I’m not really going to get into it here on this blog because I’m trying to manifest positive energy in my life but if you’ve been hiding under a rock, Google it. I’ve been obsessed with all the news, especially listening to Urban View and Progress Radio on Sirius XM. It boils my blood and gives me anxiety.

Enough said, to focus on myself…I’ve identified the top lessons I learned from 2016.

  1. Travel is an essential part of my life. We’ve still haven’t traveled internationally together (my husband and I – we were broke students for a long time and then worked happened and we just never made it a priority, which in hindsight was a mistake but we can’t go back now…) but in 2016 we made some fun trips and adventures together and with my family. We started the year by going to Monterey with my parents, sister and nephew and checking out the aquarium, he’d never been. We traveled to our second home, SoCal, several times and did a lot more exploration of the Bay and NorCal. Overall we had fun but we’ve been eyeing all the places we want to go and it’s a long list. In 2017, we are making it more of a priority.
  2. Making friends as an adult is tough. I’ve lived in the Bay Area now for over two years and prior to that we were in LA two years and besides people I talk to at work, I haven’t made any new friends that I hang out with outside of work. It’s not for lack of wanting to or trying. It’s just tough and I’ve read about it a lot. I’m sure some of it has to do with my introversion but I just find that responsibilities, families and distance are tough to get past. I hope in 2017 we can make some genuine new friends.
  3. Keeping friends is hard. Life happens, I get it, but distance makes keeping friends hard. I’ve moved around a lot in my adult life. After high school I lost touch with a lot of people, then I moved to San Diego and it was even harder to keep in touch. I made most of my good friends while living in San Diego for college but even with that group, when we moved to Pasadena it was hard to stay close. Since then, I still have a group of girlfriends but we hardly get to talk. Even my best friends are distant now. I don’t have kids but I notice, after my girlfriends had kids I lost touch with them. I understand but it still makes me sad to think of all the time lost, which goes to my next point…
  4. Life is short and you never know when you’ll lose someone. This isn’t a new realization but it was a huge reminder this year, that life is short and you really have to cherish the time you have with people. My Uncle, my mom’s brother, died and a cousins wife who was near my age suddenly died of a brain aneurism. We had some close calls with my mother-in-law, my grandmother and my husbands cousin this year. It’s been a whirlwind on the health front.
  5. Self care and overall health needs to be a priority. On the health front I have heart attacks, heart disease, strokes, HBP, diabetes, high cholesterol, anxiety and other health issues in my family so I really need to get my weight and stress levels under control. With my family history and my hope that I get pregnant this year, I want to make sure I take care of my health. I want to be in the best shape possible pre-pregnancy and I want to be able to effectively handle my stress this year. I’ve been going to a chiropractor regularly and plan to go to an acupuncturist too. It’s all about getting in tip top shape physically this year.

Overall, those were the big things in 2016 but in general 2016 was a good reminder that I need to stop wasting time and do it now. The underlying theme of 2016 was “the time is now.”

About me Life

I love surprises

April 20, 2016

I’m still behind on my blog posts, I need to get a schedule going or some sense of planning what I write so this is a spontaneous post about a gift I received today.

My friend Stephanie sent me a surprise gift for helping her do some updates to her personal blog – she wrote a blog about it: Musings of a Girly Tomboy Gets a Facelift. As she explains in her blog post, our relationship is mostly based off of social media. It’s kind of a long story but we aren’t strangers given she’s related to my brother-in-law. From our social media posts we both enjoy food (and have a ton in common, I’ve learned from reading her blog) so her food gift was super thoughtful.

She ordered birthday cake truffles from Momofuku Milk Bar and had them shipped to my apartment. It was such a nice surprise and it was even better that they were so yummy. As they say on their website, it’s a birthday party in a bite. If you ever have the chance to try them I highly recommend it.


I love food shows so I’ve had all of David Chang‘s restaurants on my list and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try the famous birthday cake. I’m so glad she was able to “read my mind” and get me such a yummy treat. They’re NYC based and have a location in Toronto but I didn’t realize you can order them on their website. If you’ve been wanting to try them, I say do it! At this point nothing is stopping you.

As mentioned, we don’t talk often one on one so I’m not sure if she realized my birthday is this month but it’s one week out so I’m starting my celebrating early. In prime Rembulat fashion. To celebrate all month. I guess you can say I already started with my SD trip. This weekend we’ll be in Tahoe for a quick trip so we can see snow. Can’t wait.

Thanks again to Stephanie aka ganeeban for the sweet gift.


San Diego for the weekend

April 19, 2016

I missed a day of blogging because I was in San Diego this weekend and I was still coming down from my “vacation high.” San Diego seriously has my heart so I’m always so happy to get the chance to visit.

I was in San Diego this weekend to celebrate my nieces 11th birthday and to use my Disneyland Annual Pass for the last time before it expires on April 26. I’m seriously sad about it. I don’t want to let it go, but it’s the responsible “adult thing” to do. *rolling eyes and pouting* I’m seriously being kawawa about it but it’s all good. I’m sure I’ll be visiting again this year (or so I hope).

As usual, I packed a lot into one trip but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I was able to see Janni-lee, Jasmine and the friends I’ve met through her. I also saw Aiza, David (her son), Melissa, Ross and Shane (their son). I know how hard it is to coordinate schedules so it was great to catch up with my girls. I didn’t get any photos with the girls but I did get a cute snap with Shane.


Of course JL and her mom went all out on the food and of course I couldn’t resist it. I seriously have no willpower sometimes (most of the time). I grubbed – I couldn’t resist all the goodness that is Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings, Pancit, Palabok, Kare Kare, Sinigang, fried rice, cheese rolls, and BBQ skewers. Yummo! They had other things but I don’t get to eat Filipino often enough so I always take advantage of home cooked food.

Janni-lee also took me to Hammond’s Ice cream where we shared the waffle cone flight. We went with Lychee Cream, Blueberry Cheesecake, Coconut Macadamia Nut, Salted Caramel, Banana Macadamia Nut and Thai Tea (front then back, left to right). We did the opposite and got dessert first based on location. Later we hit up the Liberty Public Market and I got the Lobster Roll. I ate way too good all weekend.


We spent a day at DCA/Disneyland, which I’ll post about later this week because my final AP trip and the Food & Wine Festival deserves it’s own post. haha



April 11, 2016

I met with my friend Lindsey yesterday and we had a great catch up session. I think it’s been 6+ months since we last talked (IRL). We always have so much to talk about and pick up right where we left off but what I love most about her is that she is so positive and focused. Our conversation really got me thinking about life and friendships so today I’m sharing some quotes of friendship that really resonated with me.


I always knew this but as I continue to read about growth and goals and just live my life I know… it really matters the company you keep. I thoroughly believe:

“Be wary of the company you keep for they are a reflection of who you are, or who you want to be…”
Author: Kenneth G. Ortiz

As the years go by all of my friendships are about quality over quantity. It’s not that I don’t have a variety of friends. I have my best friends, my close girlfriends, my brothers (aka the guys I grew up with), my college friends, my work friends and acquaintances but it’s a small group that has become my family.


This quote is extreme but in the scope of the world my circle is small. Another hard lesson I’ve learned is who I can count on and who really cares. Most of my friendships that ended were because we’ve gone separate ways, not making the effort and moving from city to city but what I’ve discovered is:



As I get older and I’m now in a new area, it’s been a challenge to make friends in my area. I find that life and where I live hinders growing those friendships but I know that now I’m no longer willing to compromise who I spend my time with because really:

“Birds of a feather flock together so beware of the company you keep. Life has no rules that dictate that you have to be good friends with everyone – just respectful of them. You will either become like the persons you are closest to or they will become more like you.”
Author: Calvert Jones


You know that Drake song “No new friends,” I’m the opposite…”need new friends.” Taking applications. haha

Honestly, I’m writing this late in the day so this was more of a stream of consciousness piece. Sorry if it’s all over the place.