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April 20, 2016

I’m still behind on my blog posts, I need to get a schedule going or some sense of planning what I write so this is a spontaneous post about a gift I received today.

My friend Stephanie sent me a surprise gift for helping her do some updates to her personal blogย – she wrote a blog about it:ย Musings of a Girly Tomboy Gets a Facelift. As she explains in her blog post, our relationship is mostly based off of social media.ย It’s kind of a long story but we aren’t strangers given she’s related to my brother-in-law. From our social media posts we both enjoy food (and have a ton in common, I’ve learned from reading her blog) so her food gift was super thoughtful.

She ordered birthday cake truffles from Momofuku Milk Bar and had them shipped to my apartment. It was such a nice surprise and it was even betterย that they were so yummy. As they say on their website, it’s a birthday party in a bite. If you ever have the chance to try them I highly recommend it.


I love food shows so I’ve had all of David Chang‘s restaurants on my list and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try the famous birthday cake. I’m so glad she was able to “read my mind” and get me such a yummy treat. They’re NYC based and have a location in Toronto but I didn’t realize you can order them on their website. If you’ve been wanting to try them, I say do it! At this point nothing is stopping you.

As mentioned, we don’t talk often one on one so I’m not sure if she realized my birthday is this month but it’s one week out so I’m starting my celebrating early. In prime Rembulat fashion. To celebrate all month. I guess you can say I already started with my SD trip. This weekend we’ll be in Tahoe for a quick trip so we can see snow. Can’t wait.

Thanks again to Stephanie aka ganeeban for the sweet gift.

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  • Reply Ganeeban April 22, 2016 at 11:52 pm

    Aww, I’m sad I am just seeing this right now. You are so welcome and I had been thinking about what to give you forever. It hit me as I was drooling over their IG. What would I want but not really order/buy for myself, sorry a little narcissistic, but I know we have similar food(ie) taste! Again, thanks for helping me out of the kindness of your heart. I love the new look and I owe it all to you! Enjoy birthday MONTH, as any fellow friend of mine should do! xoxo, ganeeban

    • Reply Ambriss April 23, 2016 at 12:05 am

      Thank you! I will definitely enjoy birthday month.

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