Over the past few months or so, my sister and her husband were in the thick of buying and selling homes and this weekend they moved into their new home. I couldn’t be more happy or proud of them for such a HUGE accomplishment. 2016-04-03 21.21.24

A big part of the reason we moved home last year was to be closer to family. My sister living in Livermore and her pregnancy were my personal reasons for wanting to move home when I did. Looking back I’m so glad I did because I got to spend a lot of quality time with my sister (also my best friend) and see the first year of my nephews life. Family is so important to me. We spent 11 years in SoCal (2004 – 2015) so to get that year was great. At one point I lived with them while Peter was looking for a job up here.

SIDE NOTE: My nephews first birthday just passed and our DIY efforts made it to Catch My Party: Matix’s Wild One.

When we finally settled in the Bay Area, we moved to Dublin, which is about 10-15 minutes from them. We were able to hang out often and babysit my nephew, things we always talked about all those years ago when me moving back to NorCal was just an idea. While we are still living in Dublin, they purchased their home in Mountain House a suburb just outside of Tracy before the Altamont Pass. They discovered they can get a lot more home for less than anything they could find in the the East Bay. Now that we live up here we can understand why. It almost feels like home ownership is out the of the question for us since we’re particular in our location. At this point we aren’t looking to relocate outside of the Bay Area, which we know are choices we’ve accepted.

All that to say, I wrote this because I’m so proud of them for being great with their money and being able to buy such a beautiful dream home for their family. Crazy to think my baby sister is not only a mommy but a home owner. I need to step it up! I’m not competitive at all with my sister so I say it all in love and respect but I’m definitely slacking in both of those areas.

While I’m sad I won’t be seeing them as often. I see them a couple times a week now (and I literally miss my nephew after a day haha), I’m excited to see how she builds her home for her family. If you know her, she has impeccable (and expensive haha joking but not Ash) taste.

I can’t wait for the house warming and the new memories our family will make in their home.


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