This Lenten Season I felt really disengaged. Although I’m not Catholic I often participate in Lent to refocus and reconnect with my faith. Last year I attended an Ash Wednesday service at the church near my previous place and I gave up Starbucks which was much easier than I’d imagined but this year I did not participate.


I know it’s all about me and my faith, but it’s also been a struggle for me to find a home church in the Bay Area. I’ve visited two churches near me but although I liked one more than the other, I wasn’t connected like I was when I went to the Rock Church in San Diego or to Oasis Church in Los Angeles. I even had a chance to visit Hillsong (which I’m a fan of with their overall messages and songs) when they first started the LA church.

There is really no excuse for my lack of connection but on Easter weekend I feel like I can’t go without recognizing my love for him. With technology I feel like right now, I just need to watch the services from the churches that I felt the most connected to from now on until I find one I can attend.


Thanks to Hillsong for making their Good Friday service available for viewing and this great website for ✞=♡ message. In the last year I’ve been really wanting to reconnect and I think this is the perfect time to do so. On this Good Friday I believe that God will reveal himself to me in a fresh way as we lead into Easter and he would allow me moments with others that would be like a spark that begins a fire of Salvation. #crossequalslove


“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ dies for us.”

– Roman 5:8 NIV

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