Happy First Day of Spring!

I’m looking forward to warmer weather although I’m not ready for summer. Living in SoCal made me a wimp so I dislike summer and winter in the NorCal/Valley – the heat and the allergies are almost unbearable.

Unfortunately it rained today but it’s a welcome sight given the many years of drought we’ve faced. I hope it keeps raining and snowing so I can see snow for my birthday. I’m planning a weekend getaway to Tahoe (crossing fingers it works out).

It was also International Day of Happy, which was popularized in 2014 by Pharrell’s song Happy. I remember because we had a little dance party at work during our morning meeting. haha.

It was a lazy Sunday but I got to spend the morning at my parents with my favorite people so I was content. Overall the weekend went by way too fast (sitting here on Sunday evening wishing there was a day between Saturday and Sunday haha) but we spent it with our loved ones and good times were had so I would say it was another successful weekend.

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