It’s been a month since I updated. I pretty much fell off for May. No real excuse but I lacked motivation and ideas on what to write. I know it’s always something but I really don’t feel bad about it because it was a great month. I’ve been working on utilizing my time better. I have a tendency to be a bit of a couch potato once work is done for the day so I’ve been trying to work on being more productive. That said in June I’m continuing to work on being more intentional with my time and working towards the life that I want.

In April I turned 33 and in May we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. I look to those times as fresh starts and I think of this month to start fresh on my goals. I’m picking back up on my quest to be a blogger (sarcasm) and to stay focused this month. Cheers to a new month. Now enjoy this song. haha

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