EQUAL PAY DAY turns 20 years old today. It’s a day that’s meant to highlight the fact that the average American woman has to work 15.5 months in order to earn the same amount of money that the average American man makes in 12. – Wired

While I’m happy to recognize that we need Equal Pay Now! I think the above image sums it up. It’s crazy to think that women are still not created equal in 2016. Rather than have a day to recognize the gap, I’d like everyday to be equal pay day so we can stop talking about it and just have it.

I read this article that was published last week: Why Being A Woman Can Cost You More Than $400,000.

According to a new analysis of the wage gap by the National Women’s Law Center, a woman who is starting her career now will earn $430,480 less than her male counterpart over the course of a 40-year career, if the current wage gap persists. For many minorities, the losses are even larger: African American women will earn $877,480 less over those 40 years, Native American women will earn $883,040 less and and Latina women will miss out on a whopping $1,007,080 in lifetime wages.

I’m happy that people like President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Lawrence and the Women’s Soccer Team are speaking out and standing up for equal pay. They have the platform but all women need to realize that equal pay should be the norm.

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