I’ve been reading a lot of articles on Medium.com lately, which got me thinking about my personal brand and blog. After reading this blog post about “Why I write…” I decided to share “why I write…”

  • Writing is an outlet for me and I want to strengthen my writing, so I write.
  • They say the more you do something the better you get, so I write.
  • Even when I don’t feel confident or that anyone would read my blog, I write.
  • The more I write, the better I feel about it.
  • As my writing gets stronger I feel better about writing.

Ever since I was a kid I was writing. When I was in grade school I’d have notebooks of stories that I never share with anyone. As I got older I kept a journal and eventually various blogs on several platforms. I used everything: Xanga, Live Journal, Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr and my own website. As long as I can remember it’s been my outlet but I’ve never taken it seriously. It’s always been something I wanted to do but I never pursued because I wasn’t a strong enough writer. Looking back I often wrote how I wanted to write regularly in my blog but I never did. Despite seeing how people have taken their blogs professional I never thought that could be me until now.

I’m trying to change my perspective on my career and my ability to do the things I set out to do. I’m honestly my own worst critic and I need to make a shift.

So this is why I write…to help myself grow and to become a stronger writer.

Why do you write?

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