I can’t believe we are already going into the second quarter of 2016 tomorrow. April officially marks my birthday month. hahaha I say birthday month because my mom is the Queen of birthdays and I often celebrate several times. I’ve already made plans to meet a fellow April baby, I’m going to San Diego, Disneyland and Tahoe plus I’ll probably have a birthday dinner and maybe celebrate on my mom’s birthday April 30. I’m sure to people who care less about their birthday I’m going overboard but for me, it’s another year to celebrate family, my life, my health and love. While I don’t love attention, I love a great celebration.

Q1 has been fun. I’ve been able to do a lot but have also had down time where I didn’t do much of anything. My wanderlust hasn’t gone anywhere but I’ve helped keep it under control by visiting SoCal several times, going to Sacramento and exploring the Bay Area. I’m all about new experiences and trying new things especially food so I’ve been Yelping a lot more and I’ll soon be including some food posts here on my website. Everyone always tells me I should be a food blogger and I figure why not try to start it on my lifestyle blog since it’s a big part of my everyday life.

While I hate how fast time is flying by, I’m happy to say I’ve enjoyed the first quarter of the year and I’m looking forward to the next. In April, I want to really focus on my goals and utilizing my time. I love my Spark Planner because it makes you thing about your 30-Day Challenge. This month I’m focusing on getting out of my comfort zone and finally start making my dreams/goals a reality.

I want to make this happen because…as I turn 33 this month I need to stop making excuses and just get it done.

Some things I’m going to do this month to help me stay on track are:

  • Workout 4 times a week
  • Start cooking and meal prepping so I can eat better and save money
  • Walk/stretch or move on my breaks at work
  • Start doing Yoga and stretching everyday
  • Get off of the couch more and out of the house
  • Explore my city and go to local events more / while traveling
  • Write more/blog 5 days a week
  • Use my Skillshare account and Duolingo app
  • Finally declutter my apartment (considering the Kondo method), set-up my craft space and use my cricut machine

That’s a lot to think about but it will help me stay focused on getting healthy and losing weight, getting out of my comfort zone and hopefully meeting new friends and continuously learning.

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