When it comes to social media I’ll try pretty much anything. I downloaded Snapchat back in May 2014 but like many others I had no idea what it was for so I didn’t really start using it until last year when my sister mentioned the story and I gave it another try. What I like most about it is the one on one interactions you have with people and that it’s a more casual and non-staged (mostly) platform. Here’s a great breakdown of how to use Snapchat by Wired.

My favorite features are the geofilters and the lenses. These are a few of my latest faves:

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I don’t know who comes up with them, but there are some good ones. Snapchat users spend an average of about 30 minutes every day on the popular app, according to new data. Those are the basics but what I’m writing about today are the new features that were released last week. Here is the official blog: Snapchat 2.0 and here is the breakdown:


  • Auto-Advance Stories: Makes watching stories much easier. Each time you finish viewing a Story, the next user’s will now play automatically. Tap to click through, swipe left to skip to the next person, or pull down to exit.
  • Pictures: Selecting the picture icon above the keyboard allows you to send multiple images to your friends at once.
  • Chat 2.0: You can chat with a friend live, just start talking or start a video call. The video camera icon lets you video-chat with your friends. It’s like Skype plus more: Once the call starts, friends can simultaneously send texts, pictures, and audio messages within the same feed.
  • Stickers: Part of the Chat 2.0 are the plethora of stickers. The smiley-face icon on the right gives you access to 297 cartoon stickers.

With that they also updated their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, which they say is “making some things clearer, and building foundations for awesome new products to come. Check out our new Privacy Center for more on that!”

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