…but not yet. News hit that Instagram was going to be using a new algorithm for it’s feed and for some reason today everyone was in a panic. If you logged on to Instagram you saw the “turn on notifications” posts continuously throughout the day.

It all started because Instagram started to introduce the algorithm to a small amount of people for testing, which they had said would be rolled out over months. Someone took the news and ran with it because everyone assumed it was happening immediately. After so many posts even Instagram had to make a statement via Twitter:

It’s not surprising that the change is being made given the popularity of the platform and the ownership by Facebook. The algorithm is much like the Facebook feed and a lot less like Twitter.

I get why a lot of people are up in arms. My first instinct was of disappointment but as a daily social media user and consultant I get it. As a Twitter fan myself I love the timeliness of the feed but I get that Instagram is doing what’s best for their business. Currently Instagram doesn’t provide analytics tools (except video views). While it took them a while to provide the information there was news that they are working on business tools with insights, which will be available in the coming months.

I’m excited to see what happens. I’m open minded but I really hope they keep the bones and essence of what people like about Instagram.

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